The mission of the Avalon Center is to end power-based violence against men, women, children, in the communities we serve with the goal of achieving social justice.
Access – The Avalon Center fosters an environment of 24 hour
availability to individuals, volunteers, staff, and community partners to
ensure connection with the means necessary to address their individual
Collaboration – The Avalon Center works with individuals,
organizations, and our community in a collaborative fashion. The
Avalon Center values and promotes effective partnerships between staff,
volunteers, and the communities we serve.
Diversity & Integrity – The Avalon Center acknowledges the value and dignity of
all individual individuals. We are committed to create an environment
that is inclusive of all.
Empowerment – The Avalon Center facilitates services that encourage
individuals and communities to identify what is most important to them
to overcome barriers and be led by their own strengths and abilities,
while honoring their own choices.
Avalon Center Staff

Rachel Bruning - Executive Director

Misty Phillips- Director of Client Services

Peggy Davis - Court Advocate

LaChelle Lee - Court Advocate

Lacie NorrisSART Coordinator / Advocate

Amanda Torres-Sexual Assault Advocate

Sam Walker - Court Advocate 

Georgie White - Court Advocate

Tiffany Blair - Sexual Assault Advocate


Maria Suarez - Child and Youth Program Director

Karolina Candelaria - Child and Youth Advocate

Macy Shuey - Child and Youth Advocate


~ - Director of Shelter Services

Melanie Elkins - Shelter Case Manager / Advocate 

Kelli Johnson- Shelter Case Manager / Advocate 

Tessa Williams - Shelter Advocate

Daphne Dickens - Shelter Advocate

Maria Franklin - Shelter Advocate 

Meredith Casey - Transitional Housing Coordinator



Nicky LaBarge - Volunteer Coordinator 

Sarah Cannon - Training and Community Outreach Director

April Norrod - Counselor

Amanda Loven - Counselor

Stephanie Holt - Counselor

Scott Looney - Financial Manager





The Avalon Center was founded in 1984 as Battered Women, Inc. and was the first organization in the community to provide a safe haven for victims of family violence. The organization started as a grass roots movement in the community as people began to realize a need for services for victims of domestic violence.


The Avalon Center has since grown into an important community resource providing comprehensive services to those affected by domestic and sexual violence.

In 2002 our name changed from Battered Women, Inc. to Avalon Center in order to reflect the broad spectrum of services we now provide.


We now service the following 7 counties: Bledsoe, Cumberland, Fentress, Morgan, Rhea, Roane, and Van Buren. 

We would like to acknowledge the on-going support from the following funders:


of Cumberland, Rhea, & Roane Counties.

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We take your feedback very seriously, as we are constantly striving to improve the way with work with our communities. Thank you!

Major Funding for Avalon Center Projects are Provided by:

FVPSA Subgrant No. 26846 awarded by the State of TN, Dept. of Finance & 
Administration, Office of Criminal Justice Programs (“OCJP”) for the FVPSA Formula Grant Program  

SASP Subgrant No. 26617 awarded by the 
State of TN, Dept. of Finance & Administration, OCJP for the SASP 
Formula Grant Program 

VOCA Subgrant No. 31953 awarded by the 
State of TN, Office of Criminal Justice Programs. 

The Avalon Center is supported by the United Way and The United Fund. 

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of Justice, Office of Criminal Justice Programs.

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