• Avalon Center

Holiday Donation Contest!

This time of year is rough on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault survivors / victims & their families. Many people will be displaced during this holiday season due to an increase in violence, and fleeing to become safe. Most times, people leave their homes, with just what they have on.

Our Emergency shelter and the Advocates that work there, strive to provide a safe harbor for survivors / victims & their families so they can be free of violence and can work on gaining the tools they need to become self-sufficient and independent.

During their stay with us, the Avalon Center provides food, household cleaning supplies, laundry soap, hygiene products, clothing, etc. Because we provide these items to our clients, and because we always stay so full...our supplies are always very low.

With this opportunity, you not only have a chance to help out a community member in need..you also are given the chance to win a prize for being one the top 2 people who donate the most items! Contest is running from Dec 8th - 31st!

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