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Ways To Give


1-hour  crisis line call with a Domestic Violence Survivor.


1-hour counseling session for Sexual Assault Survivior.


1 night stay in Shelter for a Domestic Violence Survivor and their two children.


4-hour Hospital Accompaniment with a Sexual Assault Survivor for a forensic exam.

We deeply appreciate any support or donations we receive from the community. Each dollar goes towards changing someone’s life and providing them with the resources and support that they need in order to move forward. If you would like to contribute to Avalon Center, click the link below. We welcome both financial and non-monetary donations. Check out the wishlist items below that we need throughout the year.

Shop to Support 

Donation to the Avalon Center's mission while you shop! The following links donate a portion of your spending back to our agency.

Search Organization KH623 (Avalon Center)

When you’re doing your Amazon shopping, go to and select Avalon Center as your charity of choice. 

When you're doing your online shopping, go to Capital One Shopping using this link.

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